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Sino-Tungsten(Xiamen) Industry &  

Trade  Co., Ltd 

Cniec Jiangxi Br. Xiamen Bus. Dept. 

Person: Mr. Jiang Hanns 

Mailing:B105 Lianjing Garden, No.39 Yuheli, Xiamen  

S.E.Z. Fujian,361009 P.R. China 

Voice:0086 592 5034125 

Fax    :0086 592 5034123

               China National Nonferrous Metals  

               Import & Export Jiangxi Branch 

               Person: Mr. Meng Fancheng 

               Mailing: No.118 West Beijing Road,     
               Nanchang, Jiangxi, 330046 P.R. China 
               Telex :95015 HWIEC CN 
               Voice :0086 791 6222974 

               Fax    :0086 791 6224982 


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