Abrasine and Gring Tools

Abrasine and Gring Tools           

As important raw materials, Boron Carbide(B4C)and Silicon Carbide (SiC) components have been widely used in more and more industries such as Machinery, Petroleum, Chemical, Ship and Auto manufacturing, Aviation and Aerospace, Military and Nuclear Industry, because of the special characteristic of B4C and SiC such as their high hardness and strength, excellent resistance to wear and corrosion, low coefficient of  friction, good self-lubricate and high temperature properties. Now, B4C and SiC are always used to replace Tungsten Carbide and Alumna Oxide for the application as: Sand Blasting Nozzle, Mechanical Seal, Wire Drawing Mould, Neutron Absorption Block, Bulletproof Vest, Armor Plate, measuring Clamp, Bearing, Casting Mould, Grinding Media, Sealed Washer, Slide, Drawing, Casting, Proofing, Corrosion, Resistance,Grinding Ball...

Hereafter we list some of our common products, but we are very glad to offer our customers according to any special requirements.

Properties and Application of B4C and SiC
A Series of Sealed Washer

A Series of Blast Nozzles

A Series of Jet Pipes

A Series of Armors

Grain Sizes and Chemical Elements of B4C
The size range of B4C and SiC products

Introduction to CBN & Industry Diamond

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