What's News of Tungsten in China and Worldwide 

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Tungsten CarbideCemented carbide rod/bar, seal, drawing die, hard metal, wear parts
Tungsten Alloy    Tungsten heavy alloy for counterweights, billet, barrels, golf weights
Bucking Bar         Professional Tungsten heavy alloy bucking bar for aircraft riveting
China Dart           All types of Dart billet and barrel for darts shaft and info dart game 
Dart billet & barrel Special products and service for tungsten  billet/barrel as darts parts
W & Mo Wire        Expertise manufacturer of tungsten wire and molybdenum wire 
Tungsten Heater   Specially manufacturing  tungsten heaters for vacuum metallizing  
Tungsten Bar       Pure bars/rods for melting alloy steel and & redrawing W-wire
Ferro-Tungsten    Qualified Ferro-tungsten for melting steel alloy& sintered applications
TC Powder          Professional manufacturing and offering for tungsten carbide powder
CTIA (China Tungsten Industry Association) E-News of tungsten and related products
Xatcm -          Xiamen Association for the Advancement of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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