This year Dec.23rd , all the staff at ChinatungstenOnline enjoyed a thoroughly English-style Christmas, complete with all the usual trimmings!
These photos are taken from our Christmas Party!
Our Christmas Dinner, so mouthwatering, so wonderful, we cannot wait to eat it.
Sandwiches, salad, sauces, cookies, potato chip, bread, wineĦ­
Our Christmas Chef (Mr. Stephen Tingay, Sales Assistant), mixing the advocaat to make snowballs.
Everybody expecting the snowballs.
The Christmas turkey (Mr. Turkey), would you like one piece?
Everyone gathered around the table happily drinking, eating, chatting and making merry,
while also playing the party game "WHO AM I?"
We are all happy together
(Ms. Ebony Wu, Sales Assistant & Ms. Wendy Dan, Sales Assistant
Mr. Stephen Tingay & Ms. Somer Finlay, Sales Assistant)
We are all best football players (Ms. Chriss Dan, Interpreter & Sales Assistant)
We are all best football players
We are playing the football (Ms. Wendy Dan, Sales Assistant)
Our Santa Claus (Ms. Maira Ma, Sales Manager)
We are all happy together
(Ms. Wendy Dan, Ms. Chriss Dan & Ms. Ebony Wu, Sales Assistant)
The Christmas tree in our office
Our Christmas stocking, prepared to get presents from Father Christmas!

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