Tungsten Conflict Metals

Tungsten, lack of feel, but feels emotional by people.

Tungsten, as an important strategic mineral, has caused the attention of all the countries. Both metals and minerals are their attention points for them to straighten on aerospace, military and so on.

Tungsten is an important element in 3TGS, which are W, Sn, Ta, and Au. The minerals in Congo accounts for the proportion in the global are Tan 17%, Sn 4%, W 1% and Au 2%.

At the same time, Reasons for 3TGS are conflict metals are prospectors in Congo apply child labors, violet human rights, and damage the environment, etc.

Tungsten belongs to 3TGs, and is also got rich minerals in China. Though conflict metal in Congo, tungsten is conflict-free metal in China, so is Chinatungsten Online's tungsten.

conflict mineral conflict mineral
conflict mineral conflict mineral

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