Rumors: China 40% Tungsten adulterated gold bullion

4 into gold bar adulteration say, from a micro-blog.

"Someone took the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China sold one kilogram of gold, with certificates and invoices, to sell gold and silver processing plant boss, received, accurate test the purity of gold, you must go to Nanjing, the results came a week after the report, the gold bar doping of the 'iridium'. "in microblogging, the publisher of this news emphatic, saying the Chinese market 40% gold bar adulterated with iridium or tungsten.

In less than one day, this message is the same as if they had wings, multiple sites, forums massive reserved. "Even gold bar can be false, the bank simply did not credibility." Some users believe that this alleged consumer fraud bank.

National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center jade jewelry responsible person, over the years in the Test Center tested the gold bar never had such "adulteration" phenomenon.