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hinaTungsten Online (Xiamen) Manufacturing & Sales Corp.(CTOMS)  is a special Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide manufacturer and supplier in the Chinese Mainland. CTOMS was founded on May 18,2000 by Xiamen National Benefit Ind. Co., Ltd . and Sino Tungsten (Xiamen) Ind. & Trade Co., Ltd who was already set up the web site of in 1997 and offering tungsten products online more than 3 years.

Depending upon our fine tungsten material, advanced technology, modern facilities, lower lab our cost, scientific management and many-year experience, we'll be very pleased to supply various Tungsten and its related products in accordance with our customers requirements worldwide. So, if you have any demand for tungsten, please think of us first without hesitation, and also remember 
1)We have neither minimum order, nor little customer, and
2)We are not offering our products but our solution, and 
3)Our best service ,reliable quality, prompt delivery and competitive  
    prices because our motto is: YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR BUSINESS.

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About Tungsten (Wolfram)

Name, History, Physical, Chemical, Alloy, carbide. Production process
Tungsten Products  Wolframate, W, WC, Carbide, Types, MIM, Wire, Heater, 
Molybdenum Products Molybdate, powder, wire, heater
PM Products Various Powder metallurgy  Nonferrous Metals powder
SiC ,B4C & CBN Products Abrasive grinding tools, Silicon , Boron Carbide & CNB 
RE Products All types of Rare earth oxide and metal 
Sintered Bronze Porous Components Various Sintered Porous Bronze components
Copper Wire for Glasses Frame Copper wire for Glasses industrial (Under Construction)
Cobalt Powder Cobalt Powder
Industrial Diamond Products Manmade diamond
Machine Tool Accessories(new) Various Machine Tool Accessoriesresent
Bearing Products(new) Various Bearings
Tungsten Carbide Seals(new) Various TC Seals ,O-ring
Present Prices & News Release competitive prices list & news of CTOMS & China Market
Various Tungsten Domain Domain name registered by CTOMS
Terms & Conditions Very important trading terms & conditions of CTOMS
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