Cerium, atomic no. 57, symbol Ce, weight at 140.12, is the most abundant of the rare earths. It is strongly acidic and a strong oxidizer.
In glass industry, it is considered to be the most efficient glass polishing agent for precision optical polishing. It is also used to decolorize glass by keeping iron in its ferrous state.
Cerium is also used in a variety of ceramics, including dental compositions and as a phase stabilizer in zirconia-based products.
In catalytic converters Cerium acts as a stabilizer for the high surface area alumina, as a promoter of the water-gas shift reaction, and as an oxygen storage component. It is used in FCC catalysts containing zeolites to provide both catalytic reactivity in the reactor and thermal stability in the regenerator.
In steel manufacturing, it is used to remove free oxygen and sulfur.

Available products

Product Main applications
Cerium Oxide
High Surface Area Cerium Oxide
Large Particle Size Cerium Oxide
Super Large Particle Size Cerium Oxide
Ultra fine Cerium Oxide
Nano Size Cerium Oxide
Catalyst; Glass production; Polishing powder; Ceramics; Crystals; Phosphors
Cerium Metal Metallurgy, an additive for hydrogen storage alloy
Cerium Mischmetal Metallurgy; Inoculant & nodulariser; Flint, applied in steel foundries industry
Cerium Carbonate Catalyst; Glass; Polishing powder; Ceramics
Cerium Nitrate Catalyst; Glass; Polishing powder
Cerium Hydroxide
Catalyst; Glass; Polishing powder
Cerium Fluoride Electro metal carbon rod; Raw material of electrolysis
Cerium Oxalate Catalyst, glass, phosphors and polishing powders
Cerium Acetate Catalyst
Cerium Chloride Petroleum catalyst
Cerium Ammonium Nitrate Chemical reagent; Etchant of integrated plate; Medicine industry