Sputtering Targets

Magnetron sputtering is a new way of physical vapor coating, evaporation coating methods compared to earlier points, its many advantages are obvious. As has been the development of a more mature technology, magnetron sputtering has been used in many fields.

Magnetron sputtering principle: the target is sputtered electrode ( cathode ) applied between the anode and an orthogonal magnetic and electric fields in a high vacuum chamber filled with an inert gas is required ( usually Ar gas) , the permanent magnet in the target material is formed on the surface of 250 to 350 gauss , with high voltage electric field composed of orthogonal electromagnetic fields. In the electric field , Ar gas ionized into positive ions and electrons, the target plus a certain negative pressure, the ionization probability electron by the magnetic field effect with the working gas from the target electrode emitted increases near the cathode to form a high density plasma body , Ar ions accelerated under the action of the Lorentz force toward the target surface in a high velocity bombardment of the target surface , so that the target is sputtered atoms to follow the principle of momentum transfer from the high kinetic energy toward the target surface substrate deposition film. Magnetron sputtering is generally divided into two kinds: a tributary of sputtering and RF sputtering, a tributary of the sputtering device which is simple in principle , in the sputtering of metal , its rate is also fast. The use of a wider range of the RF sputtering , the sputtering may be a conductive material in addition , sputtering may also be non-conductive material , an oxide is also prepared by reactive sputtering Division , nitride or carbide compound material. If the RF frequency increases after becoming microwave plasma sputtering , the current commonly used electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) microwave plasma sputtering .

Magnetron sputtering target:

Metal sputtering targets, alloy sputtering targets, ceramic sputtering targets, ceramic sputtering target boride, carbide, ceramic sputtering targets, ceramic sputtering target fluoride nitride ceramic sputtering target, oxide ceramic target, selenide ceramic sputtering target, silicide ceramic sputtering targets, ceramic sputtering target sulfides, tellurides ceramic sputtering targets, other ceramic target, chromium oxide doped silicon ceramic target (Cr-SiO), indium phosphide target (InP), arsenic lead target (PbAs), indium arsenide target (InAs).

High-density high-purity sputtering target:

The sputtering target (purity: 99.9% -99.999%)

1.metal target:

Nickel target, Ni, Ti target, Ti, Zn target, Zn, Cr target, Cr, Mg target, Mg, Nb target, Nb, Sn target, Sn, Al target, Al, indium target, In, Fe target, Fe, aluminum zirconium target, ZrAl, titanium aluminum target, TiAl, zirconium target, Zr, Al-Si target, AlSi, silicon target, Si, Cu target Cu, tantalum target T, a, a target germanium, Ge, silver target, Ag, cobalt target , Co, gold target, Au, Gd target, Gd, the target lanthanum, La, yttrium target, Y, Ce target, Ce, tungsten target, w, stainless steel target, the target nickel-chromium, NiCr, hafnium target, Hf, mammography, Mo, iron-nickel target, FeNi, tungsten target, W, etc..

2.ceramic target

ITO target, target magnesium oxide, iron oxide target, a target of silicon nitride, silicon carbide target, a target of titanium nitride, chromium oxide target, a target of zinc oxide, zinc sulfide target, target of silica, silicon oxide target, cerium oxide target dioxide, zirconium target, target of niobium pentoxide, titanium dioxide target, target of zirconium dioxide, hafnium oxide target, a target of titanium diboride, zirconium diboride target, target of tungsten trioxide, aluminum oxide target pentoxide tantalum, niobium pentoxide target, target of magnesium fluoride, yttrium fluoride target, zinc selenide target, a target of aluminum nitride, silicon nitride target, a target of boron nitride, titanium nitride target, a target of silicon carbide, niobium acid lithium target, target praseodymium titanate, barium titanate target, target lanthanum titanate, nickel oxide target, sputtering targets.