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Dysprosium, atomic no. 66, symbol Dy, weight at 162.50, is most commonly used as in neodymium-iron-boron high strength permanent magnets. While it has one of the highest magnetic moments of any of the rare earths (10.6uB), this has not resulted in an ability to perform on its own as a practical alternative to neodymium compositions.
It is however now an essential additive in NdFeB production.
It is also used in special ceramic compositions based on BaTiO formulations.
Recent research has examined the use of dysprosium in dysprosium-iron-garnet (DyFeG) and silicon implanted with dysprosium and holmium to form donor centers.

Available products

Product Main applications
Dysprosium Oxide Dopant; Metal halide lamp; Nuclear industry; Ceramics
Dysprosium Metal Magnets; Sputtering target; Nuclear industry; Terfenol-D
Dysprosium Alloy Magnetic materials; Master alloy
Dysprosium Fluoride Metallurgy; Ceramics; Metal halide lamp
Dysprosium Chloride Raw material; Additive