Tungsten Carbide Fitting

Tungsten Carbide Fitting Chemical Properties

There are two well characterized compounds of tungsten and carbon, WC and tungsten semi carbide, W2C. Both compounds may be present in coatings and the proportions can depend on the coating method.

At high temperatures WC decomposes to tungsten and carbon and this can occur during high-temperature thermal spray, e.g., in high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) and high energy plasma (HEP) methods.

Oxidation of WC starts at 500–600 °C. It is resistant to acids and is only attacked by hydrofluoric acid/nitric acid (HF/HNO3) mixtures above room temperature. It reacts with fluorine gas at room temperature and chlorine above 400 °C (752 °F) and is uncreative to dry H2 up to its melting point. WC dissolves readily in diluted hydrogen peroxide.

Tungsten Carbide Fitting Physical Properties

Tungsten carbide fitting is high melting, 2,870 °C (5,200 °F), extremely hard (~9 Mohs scale, 1700–2400 Vickers number) with low electrical resistivity (~2×10−7 Ohm·m), comparable with that of some metals.

WC is readily wetted by both molten nickel and cobalt. Investigation of the phase diagram of the W-C-Co system shows that WC and Co form a pseudo binary eutectic. The phase diagram also shows that there are so-called η-carbides with composition (W,Co)6C that can be formed and the fact that these phases are brittle is the reason why control of the carbon content in WC-Co hard metals is important.

Tungsten Carbide Fitting Description

Tungsten carbide fitting for metal forming and wear resistant applications are available in the following range.

tungsten carbide parttungsten carbide partstungsten carbide fitting

Mechanical Seal Rings

Tungsten carbide fitting for seal rings is used as mechanical seal faces in pumps, compressors and agitators. These are used in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, fertilizer plants, and drugs/pharmaceutical industries.

Mechanical seal rings are developed to withstand high temperature, high pressure & highly corrosive chemical attack. We manufacture rings in various shapes, also as per customer’s requirement.

Tungsten carbide fitting are generally made with cobalt or nickel as binder material.

Bar, Tube, Pellets And Ball

To serve the metal drawing industry, we manufacture tungsten carbide bar, tube, pellets, ball or as client’s drawing. A high hardness combined with good toughness is provided to withstand extremes of temperature and pressure. The wear resistance property of tungsten carbide fitting can lead to extended die life while achieving desired quality of material drawn such as surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

Spinning and Weaving Machinery

Tungsten carbide fitting used in spinning and weaving machinery particularly in jute industry are eyelets. These are to prevent vibration/ deflection of jute thread at high speed. Tungsten carbide jute eyelets give long uninterrupted running of the machine.

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