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Gadolinium, atomic no. 64, symbol Gd, weight at 157.25, is utilized for both its high magnetic moment (7.94uB) and in phosphors and scintillated material. When mixed with EDTA dopants, it is used as an injectable contrast agent for patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging. With its high magnetic moment, gadolinium can reduce relaxation times and thereby enhance signal intensity.

The extra stable half-full 4f electron shell with no low lying energy levels creates applications as an inert phosphor host. Gadolinium can therefore act as hosts for x-ray cassettes and in scintillated materials for computer tomography.

Available products

Product Main applications
Gadolinium Oxide Phosphor; Neutron absorption; Optical glass; Electronic; GGG materials; Crystals; Ceramics
Sm-Eu-Gd Concentrate Specialty Alloys; Nuclear industry
Gadolinium Metal Alloys; Ceramics; Magnetic; Nuclear
Gadolinium Fluoride Glass; Phosphor; Ceramics
Gadolinium Nitrate Nuclear; Phosphors