Yellow Tungsten Oxide(YTO)

Yellow tungsten oxide appearance: yellow to bright green crystalline powder;

Physical properties of yellow tungsten oxide:

Chemical formula:WO3;

Grain size:15µm(bright green); 1.5µm(yellow);


Melting point:1473℃;

Boiling point:1750℃;

Purity of yellow tungsten oxide:99.95%;

Grade A
  WO3 content (% Min) 99.8
Impurites (% Max) Element Max Element Max
Al 0.0005 Na 0.0007
As 0.0009 Ni 0.0005
Bi 0.0001 P 0.0007
Ca 0.0005 Pb 0.0001
Cd 0.0001 S 0.0007
Cr 0.0005 Sb 0.0003
Co 0.0005 Si 0.001
Cu 0.0001 Sn 0.0001
Fe 0.001 Ti 0.0005
Mg 0.0005 V 0.0005
Mn 0.0005 K 0.001
Mo 0.002    

Applition of yellow tungsten oxide: frequently used as pigment in ceramic and coating. Since yellow tungsten oxide is one of tungsten oxide, it could used as tungsten oxide.

Packing:in iron drum with inner cloth bag or plastic bag of 50kgs,100kgs or 200kgs net each.