“Our best service is your success”is our company's motto. It is our promising you with the best quality, lowest price and on time delivery. So, any of our customers' requirements, questions and comments will be welcomed at any time. You will always find us willing to make the extra effort to keep you a satisfied customer.   We would like to announce our business terms and conditions as following to you who is interested in establishing trade relationship with our company.We can only accept the order and delivery the materials based on these terms and conditions as followings.

Asking a quotation For the sake of our co-operation, please try to let us know the details of your requirements, the more,the better. The information we should know before we send our quotation is listed as below: Density: The range of density in g/cm3 or g/in3 Drawing :The drawing which would be needed must be offered by the customers Dimensions: The dimensions should be informed together with tolerances----It can be financially disastrous to insist on unnecessarily close tolerances with small-Batch hardmetal components. Quoted tolerances vary, but are generally of the order of +/- 3 per cent or +/-3mm(whichever is the greater) for non-standard as-sintered components. Die-pressed standard items may have tolerances of +/-1 per cent and exceptionally much less, especially on long production runs. Friction-held inserts for parting and turning tools. Dissimilar grades have different shrinkage factors, and produce part of slightly different size when made in the same die at the same pressure. Apart from variations in size, warping and shape changes―due to unbalanced shrinkage―may also occur, particularly with grades of high binder content. In general, carbide should either be used in such a way that small departures from nominal as-sintered shape and size can be tolerated, or else an adequate allowance must be made for grinding or otherwise finishing to final size. and their unit in mm or inch.

Usage: The usage is very important for us to produce an available products Package:Please let us know the package form and the net weight per unit and if the wooden box can be accepted

Special Conditions for different types of products: Quotation Form for tungsten intermediate products

Quotation form for tungsten powder

Quotation form For tungsten carbide powder

Quotation form For mixed tungsten carbide (ready for pressing)

Quotation Form for tungsten carbide products

Quotation form for tungsten and molybdenum wire

Quotation form for tungsten  Heater

Making a contract

We accept the contract made by fax or original copy by mail whatever the contact method is telephone, fax and/or email ,we have the present contract form and if you would like to use it, we’ll send it to you as soon as got your confirmation.

Prices Principle

Owing to the frequent fluctuation of the tungsten products’ price, we are very sorry for we could not list all the present prices with the introduction to our products in this site. But we’ll be very glad to send you our present prices on the our general principle as following according to your requirement(s) :

1. If the quantity is lower than the formal order , the prices of little quantity is higher than the normal price; and

2. The price of long-term contract is lower than the price of odd lot; and

3.The price of our standard products is lower than the price of the special order which ordered our products with special requirements

4. The price which we send to you must be FOB the main port if you have not yet let us know your requirements of Transport method and terms----we always delivery the commodities according to our customers’ instructions or our contract terms. the method can be used such as Sea freight Air freight and Express mail (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS )

Payment terms

We only accept the payment method is payment in advance by Telegraphic Transfer(T.T.)----the bank fee(s) will be deducted from the payments, Check, or Irrevocable Letter of Credit (L/C) which is opened according to Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credit(19thversion) ,International Chamber of commerce, Paris, France, Publication No.500,unless agree to in writing by our General Manager or Sale manager.

Documents Avialable

We will offer documents as Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Landing, Certificate of Analysis---- The analysis results mentioned in this web site represent the general quality of our commodities, so we can not guarantee commodities we supply or samples we send are strictly in conformity with our statement here. Then the above descriptions of the commodities are for your purchase reference only. We have no responsibility for any problem arising from misuse of these descriptions. Meanwhile, if it is required we can offer

1.Certificate of Quantity and/ or Quality effected by China Commodity Inspection Bureau (CCIB);

2) Generalized System of Preference Certificate of Origin Form-A (GSP Form-A (green ));

3) If it is needed and the related expenses may be paid by the buyer, we can provide the buyer with SGS Certificate (effected by SGS- CSTC Standards Technical Services Ltd.).

4) Materials Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) It will be supplied by our technical staff, based upon their knowledge and experiences, and for the buyer’s reference only, but it is not as a document for negotiation and not a warranty for quality.

Tax, Fee and Customs

Any tax, duty, custom, inspection, or testing fee or any other tax ,fee, or charge of any nature imposed by any government should be paid by the buyer in addition to the contract price as quoted or invoiced, unless it has been stated as a responsibility of us in the contract between us and the buyer. Samples for testing

We would like to offer free samples of some of products which we have the stock if our customers may pay the transport fee and any related expenses in advance. Errors and Shortage

Errors in our documents and shortage of our commodities must be reported in writing (fax or letter or email ) within 5 working days of receipt of the commodities.