Chinatungsten`s Designing Service

High challenge machining

Chinatungsten Online (Xiamen) Manufacturing & Sales Corp. (CTOMS) specializes in manufacturing and offering tungsten carbide, heavy alloy related products for almost 20 years. According to our knowledge, tungsten carbide and heavy alloy (WHAs) products have special properties, such as: excellent hardness, high melting point, low vapor pressure, etc. The most important thing is that tungsten heavy alloy has very high density between 16.5g/cm3 and 18.75 g/cm3, which is a density twice than that of steel and more that 50% heavier than lead.

We offer designing service

Therefore, the pressing, sintered and final machining of tungsten carbide and heavy alloy is rather difficult and quite different form that of traditional ferrous and/nonferrous metals and/or materials, which requires scientific design and advanced technique. Otherwise, some concrete problems about machining may appear during the production process and bring more extra processing cost.

However, based on our more than 20-year experiences, we could offer suggestions for designing the products required according to the usages/applications or other special requirements, and give customer general idea including density, tolerance, tungsten content, etc.

In this way, any unnecessary troubles during production process caused by unreasonable design could be avoided in advance. Thus, the tungsten heavy alloy products we offered would be at low cost but in high practicality, which is widely welcomed by worldwide customer.

So if you are interest in our products, please do not hesitate to write to us at, We are willing to seize every chance to offer our service to you. And please remember all of it is FREE!