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1.Comples high-temperature sintering equipment By Ingo Cremer,Dipl-Ing

Abstract:The following article is intended as an introduction to high-temperature sintering,describing which process steps can be combined,how the individual sections operate and which problems have to be accounted for.
Key words:high temperature Sintering,Walking beam.Rapid cooling,Atmosphere control;MIM
复合高温烧结设备(莱克默热处理设备有限公司,Auf dem Flabig,D-52355,Dueren)
关键词:高温烧结;步进梁;快速冷却;气氛控制;MIM metals fail

3.The Designer’s Guide to Tungsten Carbide

4.Tungsten Heavy Alloy Design Manual

5.Thermodynamic Investigation on the Liquid Sintering of the Refractory Mo Alloys

Abstract:Using CALPHAD method,the phase diagrams of the Cu-Ni,Cu-Mo and Mo-Ni binary systems were calculated by employing the thermodynamic database in literature.Through extrapolation from the relative binary systems,the isothermal section of Mo-Ni-Cu ternary system at 1273K was calculated.It is found that there is a narrow liquid phase area at the Mo-rich side,which demonstrates the possibility of liquid phase sintering at 1273K with some amount of addition of Cu and Ni.Furthermore,necessary experiment was carried out to cinfirm the calculation results.
Key words:CALPHAD technology,thermodynamic,extrapolation,liquid phase sintering,Mo-Ni-Cu ternary system


6.Application and Latest Development of W-Cu Composite Materials

Abstract:Description is made of the W-Cu Composite Materials in respect of its performance such as good thermal and electric conductivity and high-temperature oxidization-resistance,its wide application in the high-tech fields of electron sealing,inergrated circuit,national defense military,aerospace.In the paper is introduced the main applications and latest development of new technology of the W-Cu Materials both at home and abroad.
Key words:W-Cu Composite Materials,production technology,application and development


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