Tungsten Targets


 Tungsten Target

A sintered tungsten target for sputtering, characterized in that it exhibits a relative density of 99 % or more, an average crystal grain diameter of 100 μm or less, an oxygen content of 20 ppm or less and a deflection force of 500 MPa or more; and a method for preparing the tungsten target with stability at a low cost, which uses improved production conditions for a raw material tungsten powder and improved sintering conditions. The sintered tungsten target has a high level of density and a high degree of the fineness of a crystal structure which have never been achieved by a conventional pressure sintering method and is markedly improved in deflection force, which has resulted in the significant decrease in the occurrence of particle defects.

Material: Tungsten
Size:Thinkness( <20mm) xWideth (<300mm) x Longth(500mm)
Application:PVD coating industry、x-ray tube and so on.