Coarse Tungsten Powder

Grain Size of coarse tungsten powder:≥10 µm

Appearance of coarse tungsten powder: Dark grey powder

Application of coarse tungsten powder: Coarse tungsten powder is used as the material of lead-free ammunition and diamond drill. Also widely used for moldable radiation shield. It used as high density filling material for irregular shape caviies which could add weight or radiation attenuation.

Main Content W ≥99.9
Impurity Content (%) MAX Mo 0.005
Fe 0.02
Al 0.005
Ca 0.005
Cu 0.005
Cr 0.005
Mg 0.005
Ni 0.01
Si 0.005
O 0.03
Particle Sizes Specs H.B. 7.3-8.9g/cc
TAP 9.0-10.5g/cc
Mesh   -60/+325,+60≤5%,-325≤10%

Packing:In iron drums lined with double plastic bags of 50 or 100 kgs net each.
Note:Any particular requirements to the products can be discussed.