Granulated Tungsten Powder

Granulated tungsten powder is tunsten powder with extra large paritcle size. They are used as a catalyst in laboratory meterial analyzers. Chinatungsten Online produces granulated tungsten powder with high quality, competitive price.

Type Description Mesh Analysis
Mesh >WT%
GW-1220 -12/+20 +12~-20 0~10
GW-2060 -20/+60 +20~-60 0~10
GW-6000 -60/+200 +60~200 0~10

The following table is to show metallic impurities of granulated tungsten powder:

Metallic Impurities (WT %)
Element Max< Element Max
Al 0.01 Fe 0.10
Cr 0.02 Mo 0.10
Cu 0.02 Ni 0.05
Non-Metallic Impurities (WT %)
Carbon ≤0.10 Oxygen (Loss on Reduction) ≤0.10
W (WT %)>99.95 Excluding Grases

Packing:In iron drums lined with double plastic bags of 50 or 100 kgs net each.
Note:Any particular requirements to the products can be discussed.