Cemented Carbide Roll

1.Cemented carbide roller history of the development

Cemented carbide roller rings (also known as tungsten carbide roll rings), superior performance, quality and stability, high precision machining, good wear resistance and high impact resistance. The cemented carbide roller is a roll made ​​of tungsten carbide and cobalt material by powder metallurgy method. Cemented carbide roller integral and modular two kinds. It was in 1909, after the advent of powder metallurgy technology, with the development of the metal processing industry was born. Since 1918, Germany launched a cemented carbide drawing dies, inspired national cemented carbide, have appeared in a variety of uses roll. However, the cemented carbide roller a large number of applications in 1960. Morgan (Morgen) first high-speed twist-free wire rod mill was born in 1964, was the finishing speed of the wire increased 4 times. Since finishing mill work in the high-speed, high stress, poor wear resistance of cast iron roll, tool steel roller, rolling groove short life, roll repair handling very frequent, affecting the performance of the mill, were not suited to finishing production requirements, it is to be substituted by composition cemented carbide roller. The world has more than two hundred sets of Morgan mill, the consumption of hundreds of tons of cemented carbide roller.

Cemented Carbide Roller
cemented carbide roller

2.Cemented carbide roller composition, performance

Cemented carbide roller ingredients with different working conditions due to the roll, even in the same finishing mill, a roll component of the type of rack type. High-speed wire rod mill roll mainly cobalt as a binder carbide roll. Minority continuous casting and rolling mill due to poor water quality using the Co-Ni-Cr cemented carbide roller as a binder, the cost is also lower.

Cemented carbide roller has a high hardness, and its hardness value with temperature change is very small, the hardness value of 700 ° C when the HSS 4 times; also elastic modulus, compressive strength, flexural strength, thermal conductivity higher than tool steel more than doubled. All of these performances are guaranteed cemented carbide roller is better than tool steel roller abrasion resistance and deformation resistance in the working process, thus ensuring a constant finish rolling the roller-shaped groove and size, which guaranteed the surface of the wire quality and dimensional accuracy, is essential. Due to the high thermal conductivity of the cemented carbide roller, so the cooling effect is good, so that the surface of the roll is in a high temperature short time, thereby rolls harmful impurities with the cooling water temperature reaction time is shorter. Therefore, the cemented carbide roller is more resistant to corrosion than tool steel roller resistance to thermal fatigue.

3.Cemented carbide roller development prospect

The cemented carbide roller has been used in various areas of metal plastic processing. From non-ferrous metals to steel, cold-rolled foil from hot-rolled wire, pipe, steel, etc. used cemented carbide roller. China is capable of producing dozens of varieties from φ8 ~ φ300mm specifications cemented carbide roller. With wire finishing high-speed (maximum speed up to 130 m / s), the people are exporting methods to improve the strength and hardness of the cemented carbide roller. Which is added a small amount, TaC, NbC and Ni, Cr, Mo, and other elements in the cemented carbide roller; and by hot isostatic pressing, vacuum sintering a low pressure hot isostatic pressing, heat treatment and other means to take better quality roll system .

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