Cemented Carbide Blanks

With advanced equipments and technology in the world, Chinatungsten Online is able to provide various cemented carbide blanks which include cemented carbide rods and cemented carbide plates.

Cemented Carbide Rods Cemented Carbide Plates
Cemented carbide rods can be applied for drill bits, end mills, and reamers,etc. Cemented carbide plates are used for cutting metals, woods and other materials.

Cemented carbide blanks come out a one-time pass for a straightness without correction.They can be used in the manufacture of various metals and non-metalic cutter,wear-resistant tools,such as plane cutter,broach,etc.

Cemented carbide rods roll out straightness,without correction.They are often used in the manufacture of various metals and non-metal cutting tools such as drills,end mills,reamers.Also widely used in stamping tools and wear-resistant tools,etc.

Cemented carbide is one of the strongest metals known to human beings. It is denser than lead and harder than steel. Cemented Carbide blanks' unique combination of strength, hardness and toughness satisfies the most demanding applications.

Chinatungsten Online develops cemented carbide blanks technology to meet our present and future customer needs. Chinatungsten Online is dedicated to advancing Cemented Carbide blanks technology in order to meet our customers' present and future needs. Every step in the manufacture of a Cemented Carbide component – from powder production to finishing – is crucial to ensure optimum performance. At Chinatungsten Online, we have full control of each processing step and in developing proprietary production processes that further improve our technological capabilities. We are trying our best to develop new products and new grades of cemented carbide blanks that enhance our customers' operations through superior performance and reduced costs.