Cemented Carbide Cutters

With high wear resistance and high strength, cemented carbide is usually be used for cutting tools, which can be applied to cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel etc.

Cemented Carbide Cutters
With high wear resistance and high strength, cemented carbide cutters from Chinatungsten Online can be applied for cuttingcast iron, stainless steel,etc.

The quality of a cutting tool can determine whether cuts will be smooth and clean or difficult and sloppy. A metal cutting tool's quality begins with the hardness and durability of its metal. According to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, "carbide and carbide-coated tools cut about three to five times faster than high-speed steels" and "higher tungsten content increases wear resistance." There are cemented carbide cutters for a wide variety of applications and, once you understand the breadth of their possible uses, you'll be able to choose one for professional, amateur or even industrial projects.

Cemented carbide cutters are known for being sharp and durable. They are wear-resistant, and can be used in a variety of industrial applications where extremely sharp cutting instruments are needed. For example, cemented carbide cutters are well suited to cutting reflective materials for plotting and sign making. Although prone to chipping and breakage, when these pitfalls are avoided with the proper engineering, cemented carbide can sustain significant industrial stresses.

Cemented carbide is less brittle than other metals, and thus can withstand the rigors of constant use easily. Chinatungsten Online manufactures cemented carbide cutters for a variety of industries.

In fact, switching from cutters made of other materials, such as titanium, carbon steel, and aluminum, to cemented carbide cutters may actually increase productivity. By handling tough jobs with ease, carbide cutters can increase productivity by 10 or 20 percent in some industries. Some factories have found that although cemented carbide is often more expensive, its durability and ability to withstand pressure makes the extra cost worth it.

At Specialty cutters, we are adept at crafting superior cemented carbide blades as needed. Cemented carbide can be treated with cobalt to produce certain characteristics. The more cobalt in the metal, the more shock resistant. While less cobalt will result in a more wear-resistant metal. Our application engineers are experienced at helping clients find the right cutters for their needs.