Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools Basic Information

Dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the requirements of parts can be processed by the tungsten carbide cutting tools, the basic machinery manufacturing processing methods. Cutting is the removal of the excess material of the part to be machined tungsten steel cutting tools (cemented carbide cutting tools). Cutting tungsten steel cutting tools play an important role in the national economy.

The late Spring and Autumn Period, one of the earliest extant the engineering technology works Kaogongji, 30 professional and technical knowledge of woodworking, metalworking described above. The book pointed out that, the material art clever "made ​​good device. "Material beauty" refers to the use of fine materials; "Handicraft" refers to the use of a reasonable system of the appropriate process. Speculated by a large number of archaeological finds and literature, the latest in the 8th century (Tang Dynasty) China has the original lathe.

Tungsten Carbide cutting tools wide variety of different classification methods. Way by processing program: divided into turning tools, drills, boring tools, reamers, broaches, milling, thread cutting tools, gear cutting tool, CNC tool. Its catalog is from a single blade to a multi-edge, from simple to complex.

Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools

cemented carbide cutting tools

Tungsten carbide cutting tools are usually divided into two categories: ⑴ Standard tungsten carbide cutting tools means professional tools factory GB or standard production tool. As indexable car, cutters, twist drills, reamers, milling cutters, taps, dies, shaper cutters, gear hobs, CNC tool.
The ⑵ Nonstandard tungsten carbide cutting tools users need specialized design and manufacture of the tool, such as forming turning tools, molding cutters, broaches, the worm hob, combination tool.

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