Tungsten Carbide Products

CHINATUNGSTEN ONLINE is a special tungsten carbide manufacturer and exporter in the past 2 decades, we have supplied nearly all kind of finished and semi-finished tungsten carbide products, e.g. rods, bars, plates, seals, rings, drawing dies, balls, disc cutters, mining tools, buttons, blades, blocks and so on.

We are very proud of our more than 20 years' successful experiences of supplying our high-quality tungsten carbide with fine service at the most competitive prices.

For your reference to the physical and chemical properties of the tungsten carbide grade, please visit our general site at tungsten carbide or if you would like to learn the latest news and prices of tungsten in China, please visit the site of China Tungsten Industry Association (CTIA) at ctia
It is said that tungsten carbide was teeth of the modern industry, we believe it and we have been made efforts for making the teeth more sharper in the past 20 years. And it is always in the mind to offer our best service to any client at any time. If you are interested in any product or have any question about it, please contact us directly.
More about tungsten carbide, please visit our general site China Tungsten Oline;
Or you may find the details of tungsten carbide at wikipedia Tungsten_carbide

Carbide ringcarbide ring Carbide  barcarbide bar Carbide ballcarbide ball Carbide sawscarbide saws
Carbide platecarbide plate SiC seals
sic seals
Mining tools bitmining tools bit Carbide buttoncarbide button
Disc cutterdisc cutter Carbon sealscarbon seals Carbide rodscarbide rods Carbide nozzlecarbide nozzle