Special Words for Darts

Dartball: a game in which darts are thrown at a large wooden or board that resembles a baseball field with colored areas which denote bases. Dartball uses baseball-like rules and scoring.

Diddle of middle: Each player or a player from each team throws a dart. The player who hits nearest the bullseye goes first.

Double: The outside ring of a dartboard, where the scores are doubled.

Double in: Scores starts to be counted after first throwing at double ring.

Double out: Can only win by finishing the left score in double ring.

Double top: Double ring of number 20.

Double trouble: Always lose the correct double ring to win the game.

Downstairs: The below half of a dartboard, always refers to areas of 19 in '01 games.

Easy in: Games counting from first throwing without any special notes.

Feathers: Get a score of 33

Format: Rules of dart games.

Half-a-crown: Shoot at single 5,20 & 1 successively in one turn.

Hat trick: Point at bullseye by three darts successively in one turn.

Hockey: Also called The Oche, the line behind which the throwing player must stand.

Island: The effective scoring field on a dartboard.

Leg: A round of game.

Mad house: Double ring of number 1.

Middle for Middle: To point at inner bullseye.

Monder: Players pursuing for high scores only.

Mugs away: The loser throws fist in next game.

Murphy: Shoot at single 5,20 & 1 in one turn.

Oche: Also called Hockey, the line behind which the throwing player must stand.

Point: The tip of a dart, including soft and steel/hard.

Point monger: Players pursuing for high scores only, but a throw that would reduce a player's score to less than zero does not count.

Popcorn: Darts thrown too close to lose the flight.

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