Playing Darts in Pubs

And a professional competitive activity, darts is a traditional pub game. Usually in the UK (the first official recognition of darts is a sport of the country), its entire Federation, the Netherlands, Ireland, Scandinavia, the United States, Canada and other countries have people play darts.

Darts is basically any person, whether fat, thin, age, gender and other differences and is drunk, playing darts to comparable -------- it can be a perfect sports bar. You can most pubs in Britain darkest corner to find a dartboard.

How to play darts in the pub

Step 1 

The main store to the bar to his best set of darts.

Step 2

Make sure you aim, and then try to vote several times.

Step 3

Learn the basic rules. When the cast darts darts you have to stand behind the line, about five feet away from the dart away. Before the turn of the next person, everyone has the opportunity to vote three times.

Step 4

Know how to score. A dartboard is divided into twenty numbers (1 to 20), the middle of the target eye. So if you have to hit the 1 1 point. However, the number of values other than twice the number of regional, less than three times the number of regions. Target value of 50 eyes, the area around the value of 25 points. Highest score up to 180 points, 20 points nine times.

Step 5

01 games are played. This is the most popular dart games are played the bar. Hand or two darts cast from the beginning 501 or 301 starting from the winner is the first return to 0 people. Sounds simple does not? However, the key is you have to complete the double. For example, if you want to take 4 to win, your goal was set at 2. If your score is higher than that, such as a 5, you are finished.

Step 6

Clock face games are played. In this bar the game, each dart is from 1 to put into the hands of 20, and finally eyes dart. Winner is the first complete one.

Step 7

Killer gameplay. If it is a large group of people playing this game more fun more fun. Each hand is basically cast a dart, they vote in numbers is the game of numbers. Then we would hit the number five to his own life five times, became a killer himself. If you become a killer, you can play the other hand the number of darts, each time they hit one life to lose