World Darts Champions

Current World Dart Champions

BDO: Ted Hankey The Count

PDC: Phil Taylor The Power

Women's: Francis Hoenselaar

Multiple World Dart Champions

14 Phil Taylor The Power (12 PDC, 2 BDO)

7 Trina Gulliver The Golden Girl

5 Eric Bristow Crafty Cockney

5 Raymond van Barneveld Barney/ The Man (4 BDO, 1 PDC)

3 John Part Darth Maple (1 BDO, 2 PDC)

3 John Lowe Old Stoneface

2 Ted Hankey The Count

2 Jocky Wilson

2 Dennis Priestley The Menace (1 BDO, 1 PDC)

Former single-time BDO World Dart Champions

Mark Webster

Martin Adams Wolfie

Bob Anderson The Limestone Cowboy

Steve Beaton Magnum-PI/ The Bronze Adonis

Richie Burnett The Prince of Wales

Tony David The Deadly Boomerang

Keith Deller The Fella / The Milky Bar Kid

Andy Fordham The Viking

Jelle Klaasen The Matador

Leighton Rees

Les Wallace McDanger

John Walton John Boy

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