Tungsten Carbide Cutter-CT 01

Carboneto de tungstênio Cutter-CT 01
Products Model: CT-01

Products Name:

Trademark Equal to ISO Density (g/cm2) Flexural strength (N/mm2) Mohs (HRA) USE
YG8A K20 14.7 1900 89.5 High strength,impact and shock resistancehigher than MK6A,but wearresistance and cutting speed comparatively lower,Roughing of cast irons,non-ferrors metals and their alloys as well as non metallic materials at low cutting speed.
YG10X K40 14.5 2000 91 Fine grain alloy,good wear resistance.uesd for processing hard wood,veneer board,PCB,PVC and metals.
YG15 K40 14.0 2300 86.5 Conventional wear resistance,high bending strength,used for steel alloy etc.