SHAFTS - Plastic

Cheap, there are a variety of colors, but it is easy to break. Usually polycarbonate or nylon material, some with a convertible Young Master and longer life. Price of 1-2 U.S. dollars.

SHAFTS - Composite rod dart leaves

Complex type of dart bars, such as the Alamo or Quiver, a plastic Tuozih extended to darts, and other support Fei Ye and aluminum or metal co-Jin Biaotou together. These are the Need for dart bar, very durable, unlike the aluminum rod so easy dart vibration loose. For economy and convenience, there may be for Young Master. Most types of prices in 2 to 3 dollars.

SHAFTS - Solid Aluminum

This bar is more than the hard plastic or composite rod and durable, color variety, some are decorated with embedded stripe, flute pattern, or spiral pattern. It is easy to vibration of loose, especially in a heavy loaded when darts. And the thickness of the darts, such as when used with Tingpulaisi or nylon, to use darts or knives to gently pry the blade above the slot. Was knocked down, it usually will bend but not break, then just straighten it can be used again. Price of 3-6 U.S. dollars.

Note: In the play, aluminum rod vibration often loose, so we strongly recommend the use of rubber "O" type lock washers. But this only occurs when metal and metal contact, so the plastic rods usually do not need lock washers.

SHAFTS - Dart leaves spinning rod

Now makes a wide variety of dart shot by another when the Darts will be able to turn one direction when hit. Distaff wing for improving the dart dart no effect, but they can dart through the alignment of wing, so that group more closely. At the same time will greatly reduce the dart shot of a flight by the number of torn, and is "masked Rowan" rod. Price of 2-12 U.S. dollars.

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