Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Let’s discuss about the differences of soft tip darts and steel tip darts in the weight, point and cost.

1. Weight

Steel tip darts can weigh up to 50 grams, though you will have a very difficult time to locate many varieties above 30 grams. Most people throw darts that weigh between 20-25 grams.

Soft tip darts are different; you will need to check with your local leagues for the weight requirements. At the time of this posting, 16 grams darts seem to be a safe bet no matter where you are throwing. You can get a heavier soft-tip dart, but some leagues and tournaments may ban them due to the construction or restraints of the machines that are being used. An opponent can challenge the weight of your dart if they feel it is too heavy.


Steel tip: You have two options, fixed-point or moveable-point.

Fixed-point: This is where the point is solidly fixed into the dart, it does not move. This is the most common type of dart you will see.

Moveable-point: Guess what, these point's move! There are a number of different varieties on the market, but the theme behind them all is the same, "Help decrease the chance for a bounce-out". When you throw the dart, you want the point to be fully extended. The hope is that if you hit a wire, the back-end (or barrel) will then move forward and force the point into the boards as opposed to letting the dart bounce off the wire and fall to the floor.


One of the biggest misconceptions amongst new throwers is that if the dart costs a lot, they are more accurate. This isn't like a car, the more bang for the buck! You can pick up a set of 18-gram brass darts for around $10 and throw them as well, if not better, than a set of $140 tungsten darts. Prices are based on a number of items like: the material of the dart, moveable-points, special paint jobs and etc. Also, you will notice that the same set of darts in some catalogues may have two different prices attached to them depending on the case you want them sent in.

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