Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Playing tungsten darts is a very popular sport nowadays. Tungsten darts could be divided into two major varieties: soft tip darts and steel tip darts. The major differences that will be discussed between them are weight, point and cost.

According to the material of these two types of tungsten darts, with the exception of wooden darts, both soft and steel tip darts are made of the same materials.

They are made of lightweight wood shaft with turkey feather flights (no parts to replace). In the early days darts were made out of wood and then for a long time barrels were made out of brass.

Wood darts

Brass is the lightest of the three metallic darts listed here. It is a soft alloy (copper & zinc) that makes it easy for manufacturers to shape and work with. Brass Darts are probably the most common and relatively inexpensive. Soft tip darts prices vary from a few dollars and are the best option when you buy your first set of darts. They are an inexpensive way of trying different weights and styles without investing too much money.

Brass darts

Nickel silver darts is yet another soft tip dart which consists of nickel, copper and zinc. Like brass, they are around the same price range and are generally higher in quality. What's more, soft tip darts are suitable to play at home and they can be a good choice for the occasional dart players. 

Nickel silver darts

Tungsten dart, unlike brass and nickel silver darts, is a very heavy and dense metal. Tungsten dart is usually mixed with nickel so you will see on a package something like 80-20 (80% tungsten/20% nickel). Tungsten dart is harder to work with but will last longer than the other two (especially the knurling). On average, a 20-gram tungsten dart will be ½ the size of a 20-gram brass dart, which will allow for tighter groupings on the board. That is the reason why most of the good throwers use tungsten darts. However, if you were just starting out to play darts, you'd better not tight groupings anyway, regardless of the dart you're using. Tungsten Darts are used by the serious darts players. These darts generally have high quality and come in a large variety of weights and styles. The tungsten component is generally described as being 80%, 85% , 90%, 95%, etc. with the higher tungsten value, it is heavier and being more expensive.

Tungsten darts

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