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often used drafting English(工程图常用英语)
engine technic words(工程技术词汇)
usual enine words (一般工程词汇)

10.Toolbox,instruments and meters(工具,仪器仪表)
various tool English translation(各种工具的英语翻译)
English translation of hardward tool words(五金工具词汇英语翻译)
English translation of instrument usual words(仪器仪表常用词汇英语翻译)
Knowledge of tungsten carbide insert(硬质合金刀具科普知识)
inspection measuring and test equipment words(检验量测工具用语)
gun related English words(枪械相关英语词汇)
grinding wheel words(砂轮用语)

manchine welding words(机械焊接用语)
welding terms(焊接术语)
the related welding terms definition of ASME furnace and pressure vessel
welding related English- words(焊接相关英汉词汇)

machinery English words(机械英语词汇)
gear and gear machine related words(齿轮及齿轮加工的相关词汇)
specific valve words(阀门专用词汇)
English words of machinery words(机械词汇的英语翻译)
English translation of machinery engine(机械工程学专业词汇英语翻译)
Assembly, stamping, painting and other commonly used English translation
commonly used English words of Machinery(机械类常用英语词汇)
Integrated Machinery(机械类综合)
Machining common terms in English(英语中机械加工常用术语)
Mechanical Logistics Terminology English vocabulary(机械物流术语英语词汇)
Cement machinery Glossary(水泥机械词汇)
Mechanical design of professional terminology in English Translation(机械设计专业术语的英语翻译)
Commonly used English- Machine(常用机械英汉对照)
Machine tools in English(机械工具英语)
Mechanical design and the related other terms(机械设计及周边其他用语)
commonly used Mechanical processing methods(机械常用加工方法)
English Name of Engineering major(工学专业名称英语)
bilingual vocabulary of PCB basic words( PCB用基材词汇中英文对照)
English- machine tool industry(机床行业英汉对照)
related terms of Forging Casting(锻铸造关连用语)
common terminology and definitions of Roller bearing(滚动轴承的常用术语及定义)
Processing Method (加工方法)
Controls Installation Terminology(自控安装术语)
some terms interpretation of CNC(CNC的一些名词解释)
common words of ASME(ASME常用词汇)
commonly used English words of Hydraulic major(液压专业常用英语词汇)
English- of EDM related words(放电加工关连用语英汉对照)

13.Fastener,Rivet,Thumb screw(紧固件,铆钉,螺丝)
Rivet Type(铆钉种类)
Common used English of fasteners(常用紧固件英语)
Screw product name in bilingual (screw)(螺丝产品名称中英文对照(螺丝螺))
English vocabulary related to screw(有关螺丝的英文词汇)

English vocabulary related to Metal wire and mesh products(金属铁丝和网制品相关英语词汇)
metal scrap In and English(金属废料中英文名称对照)
Metal Materials Glossary(金属材料词汇)
Metal Terminology(金属术语)
related vocabulary of Metal Materials(金属材料相关词汇)

rig areas(平台场所)
major equipment of rig(平台主要设备)
the name of officer positions on rig(平台人员岗位名称)

16.Quality Related Nomenclature(品质术语)
Name categories of QC(品质人员名称类)
The specific category of Statistical quality control(制程统计品管专类)
Other Quality Terms(其它品质术语类)
related English vocabulary of Quality Certification(质量认证相关英语词汇)
QA English major vocabulary( QA英语专业词汇)

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