Dictionary of Tungsten

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-English translation of Trademark-related terms(商标相关术语的中英翻译)
English Translation of Company Name(商标相关术语的中英翻译)
Specific terms translation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)(企业资源计划(ERP)专业名词的翻译
-English translation of Business-related vocabulary(商务相关词汇中英翻译)
Business English related vocabulary analysis(商务英语相关词汇解析)
English translation of Social, political and economic popular words(社会政治与经济类英语热点词块翻译)
English Translation of Glossary in Market Research Industry(市场研究行业词汇英语翻译)
English translations of Some new economy words(一些经济新词汇的英语翻译)
English words related to Bank(银行英语相关词汇)
Interesting economic English nouns(有趣的经济学英语名词)
English translation of common terms usesd in Government documents(政府文件常用词汇英语翻译)
English translation of commonly used words in Government organizations(政府组织常用词汇英语翻译)

26.Interpreting Glossary,Phrase(口译词汇,词组)
English translation of Interpreting words(口译词汇英语翻译)
English Translation of Interpreting phrase口译词组英语翻译

27.Cooking,Hotel,Service Bureau(烹饪,酒店旅馆,服务型机构)
English vocabulary of Water bar, Bar(水吧、酒吧英语词汇)
The commonly used English words of Concierge(酒店服务台常用英语词汇)
Full vocabulary of Hotel English(旅馆英语词汇大全)
The English translation of some common seafood dishes(一些常见海鲜菜的英文说法)
English translation of service agency(服务性机构的英语翻译)
English translation of Mingjia dinner cooking(名嘉餐烹调方法的英语翻译)
The English translation of snacks(中国小吃的英语翻译)

28.Other professional English Terminology(其他专业英语术语)
Furniture Hardware Glossary(家具五金词汇)
-English common nouns of Gas analysis(气体分析常见名词中英文对照)
English vocabulary related to Standardization(标准化相关英语词汇)
daily accumulation(日常积累)
collection of technical terms(专业术语大集合)
The quantity of Re-inventory (复盘点数量)
Professional English: 7 kinds of measurement unit(专业英语:7类度量单位)

29.Life Tips(生活百科)
English expression of Public signs and instructions(公共标志和说明的英文表达)
English Translation of dunnage(日常用品英语翻译)
English translation of The world's major festivals, anniversaries, activity days
English translation of 24 Solar Terms(二十四节气的英语翻译)

Common abbreviate forms(常用缩写形式)
Abbreviations and short term(缩写及简称)

English translation of commonly used Sports vocabulary(常用体育词汇英语翻译)
English Translation of Golf Glossary(高尔夫术语英语翻译)
The English translation of a variety of sports(各种体育项目的英语翻译)

new and difficult -English vocabulary(汉英新难词汇)
the vocabulary in American English(美语里的汉语词汇)
English translation of commonly used terms in English newspapers(英语报刊常用术语的英语翻译)
New English words and English translation of commonly used terms
English Proverbs(英语谚语)
English translation of exclusive vocabulary (中文专有词汇的英语翻译)

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