Dictionary of Tungsten

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17.Import-Export Trade(进出口贸易)
Metallurgical basic knowledge and terminology(冶金基础知识及术语)
Related terms of Business and Trade(业务与贸易关连用语)

Specific English translation of Web analysis terminology(网站分析专用名词英语翻译)
Computer related terminology(电脑关联用语)
all the English vocabulary translation of AutoCAD(AutoCAD中所有英语词汇的翻译)

Lighting Glossary Specific English Words Translation(照明专业词汇的英语翻译)
professional vocabulary of the power(电源专业词汇集锦)

20.Industrial Nuclear(核工业)
English translation of the nuclear industry-related vocabulary(核工业相关词汇的英语翻译)
English Translation of Nuclear Energy Glossary(核能专业词汇英语翻译)

Experiment and test theoretical terms(学理实验与试验用语)
Laboratory Instrument name in and English(常用实验仪器名称中英文对照表)

English Translation of Aircraft Glossary(飞机词汇英语翻译)
English translation of road engineering vocabulary(道路工程专业词汇英语翻译)
The English translation of a variety of ships(各种船舶的英语翻译)
100 common translation of Airport public signs(机场100个常见公共标志的翻译)
English translation of the logistics industry terminology(物流行业术语的英文翻译)
Astronautics vocabulary(航天词汇)

English Translation of Geology Glossary (地质专业词汇英语翻译)
English vocabulary relates to the construction(关于建筑的英语词汇)

English translation of Physics vocabulary(物理专业词汇英语翻译)
English Vocabulary of Mathematics(数学专业英语词汇)
Electronic English(电子专业英语)

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