Dictionary of Tungsten

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Terminology of Packaging Process(包装工艺术语)
Terminology of Packaging Machinery(包装机械术语)
Vocabulary of Packaging(包装类词汇中英文对照)
Warning Signal On the Package(包装上常见警示标志)
Vocabulary of Packing for Export(出口包装常用词汇)

2.stamping, press(冲压)
stamping press machine and related phrase(冲压机械及周边关连用语)
ften used stamping press English terms(冲压常用英语术语)

English translation of mould engine words(模具工程类词汇英语翻译)
English words of mould parts(模具零件英语词汇)
English terms of mould(模具英语专业术语)
The often used standard parts of mould factory(模具厂常用之标准零配件英语词汇)
Often used English words of various mold tooling(各种模具常用成形方式英语词汇)
Die steel English words(模具钢材英语词汇)
frequently used mold words(模具常用词)
English of die steel and parts( 模具钢材及零件英语)
English- words of Tooling unwell( 模具成形不良用语英汉对照)
Various mold category words(各式模具分类用语)
mold often used in work machine(模具常用之工作机械)
mold often used cutter and work method words(模具常用刀具与工作法用语)
mold machining method(模具加工方法)
injection mold(射出成型用模具)
injection mold related words(射出成形关联用语)

Material Glossary( 材料科学专业词汇)
Stone material -English Translation(石材名称汉英互译)
Oil Words English Translation(石油词汇英语翻译)
ceramics terms of English Translation(陶瓷术语英语翻译)
Contemperary Material Science and Engine Dictionary (现代材料科学与工程辞典)
Glass English words translation(玻璃英语词汇翻译)
paint -English Words(涂料专业中英词汇)
material and tool(材料和工具)
plastic material name -English appendix(塑料原料名称中英文对照表)
Related Steel English Words(钢材相关英语词汇)

Hardware and parts(五金零件类)
English words in parts assembly(零件配合方面的英语词汇)

6.Drilling tools,Wellhead Tools,Fishing tools(钻具,井口工具,打捞工具)
English translation for the professional vocabulary of the mining project(矿业工程专业词汇英语翻译)
Daily conversation of drilling(钻井常用对话)
Drilling tools,Wellhead Tools,Fishing tools(钻具,井口工具,打捞工具)
Professional vocabulary of oil drilling(石油钻井业常用专业词汇)
Vocabulary for the electric drilling machine(in respect of trepan) 输出电动钻机词汇表(钻井机方面)

English translation of metallurgy words(冶金词汇英语翻译)
English- Metallurgy Industry Dictionary(英汉冶金工业词典)
Basic knowledge and terms of metallurgy(冶金基础知识及术语)

8.heat/thermal treatment(热处理、表面处理)
101 often used words of heat treatment(101个热处理常用词汇)
English- of heat/thermal treatment related words(表面处理、热处理关连用语英汉对照)

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