Black Tungsten Wire

Black tungsten wire size:DIA.≥17µm;

Purity of black tungsten wire:99.95%;

Black tungsten wire brand: W-1, W-2, WAL-A, WAL-2;

Properties of black tungsten wire: non-sag; good wearing, high temperature resistance, formation under high temperature; good winding;excellent coiled ability;

Surface treament: alkali washing surface or black surface;

black tungsten wire

Application of black tungsten wire:

*Used for making fluorescent lamp, auto lamp, incandscent lamp and halogen lamp, etc;

*Applicated for making many kinds of filaments, such as coiled-coil or triple CFL filament, shock-resistance filament, incandscent filament or high-temperature-resistance filament,etc;

*For producing electron tubes;

*Used for manufacturing anti-shock devices, temperature-resistance devices, etc;