Tungsten Granule/Pellet

Tungsten granule/pellet is the processiong of tungsten metal into small particles, also known as tungsten flux.

Apprearance of tungsten granule/pellet: bright gray polyhedron granule;

Tungsten granule/pellet physical properties:

Purity: 99.95%;

Content: O≤0.05%, S≤0.0007%, C≤0.001% ;


Melting point: 3420℃;

Boiling point: 5560℃;

Tungsten Granule/Pellet
Tungsten Granule/Pellet

Grades: CTOMS20, CTOMS40, CTOMS80, CTOMS100;


-850µm+425µm (-16~20 mesh);

-425µm+250µm (-20~40 mesh);

-250µm +180µm (-60~80 mesh);

Analysis: oversize≤5%; undersize≤7%;

Tungsten granule/pellet applications:

Tungsten granule/pellet commonly used as flux in the analysis of carbon and sulfury;

Applied as material for wear resistance and grinding;

Used for radiation shielding filler, induction accelerator;

Used for producing tungsten products, ally additive and large proportion alloy.