Non-sag Tungsten Wire

Non-sag tungsten wire also called doped tungsten wire.

Tpyes of non-sag tungsten wires: W61, W91, WR15, HW31, HW41, HW42, HW61, HW99, WAl1, WAl2. They classified in different types depend on the different content of thoria they doped.

Different types with different properties and applications:

*W61--since W61 wire with excellent coiled ability, used as materials of filament for bulb lamps, auto lamps or motorbike lamps, ect;

*W91--excellent non-sagging and high temperature resistance. Used for making high pressure halogen lamps.

*WR15--WR15 doped with Al-, Si- or K- compouds is featured with anti-shock and long-time-burning-life, which is performed well on lighting;

*HW31--applicated as filament for enery saving lamps and fluorescent lamps;

*HW41--used fo heating materials in furance;

*HW42--used as support wire;

*HW61--used as filament for high color temperature lamp, halogen lamp or auto lamp;

*HW99--used as filament of halogen lamp with long life;

*WAl1--applicated as filament for special bubl, copy machine or auto mobiles lamps.

*WAl2--applicated in making filaments in fluorescent lamp, incadescent bulb.

Normally application of non-sag tungsten wire:

Because of its property of anti-shaking non-sag tungsten wire is widely used for making car light and motorbike light. Thanks to the porperty of non-sag the car light could direct the drivers with stable light source.