Tungsten Nozzle

Tungsten nozzle can be produced by the materials of pure tungsten, tungsten carbide and tungsten alloy. Different tungsten nozzle materials with different densities:

Products Densities
Pure Tungsten Nozzle 19.2-19.3g/cm3
Tungsten Carbide Nozzle 15-18.5g/cm3
Tungsten Alloy Nozzle 14.4-15.4g/cm3

Advantages of tungsten nozzle:

High density;


Excellent wera;

Bending strength;

Extremely hardness;

High temperature against;

Tungsten Nozzle

The picture above is only for reference, which drawn without specifation of tungsten nozzle.

Application of tungsten nozzles:

Tungsten carbide nozzle is commonly used for shot peening equipment and sand blasting;

Tungsten carbide nozzle is applied for offering along life with optimum air and abrasive use;

Tungsten alloy nozzle is used for protection shields for nuclea radiation;

Tungsten alloy nozzle is used for electroheat upsetting anvil block and electrodes for resistance welding.