Silver Tungsten Electrode

Silver tungsten electrode is alloy of tungsten and silver, also called silver tungsten bar or silver tungsten rod.

Silver tungsten electrde physical properties:

Density:11.75-16.10g/cm3; It depends the content of tungsten and silver;

Composition: W30-80%, Ag 20-70%,

Silver tungsten electrde is feature with high arc corrosion, high hardness, nice electrial conductivity and high fusion welding resistance ect.

Specification of sivler tungsten electrode: AgW30, AgW40, AgW50, AgW55, AgW60, AgW65, AgW70, AgW75, AgW80, AgW85;

Silver Tungsten Electrode

Application of silver tungsten electrde:

* Silver tungsten electrde commonly used as switches. It performs well in AC welding;

*Used in high temperature resistance industry;

*Applied in metallurgy industry and microelectronics industry;

*Applied for sport equipment;

* Silver tungsten electrde 

Because of the mutal solubility of tungsten silver is too low, silver tungsten electrode only can be manufactured by powder metallurgy and pressing method.