Tungsten Crucible

Tungsten crucible physical properties:

Purity: 99.95%;

Densities Technique
19.2g/cm3 Forging
18.2g/cm3 Sintering

Surface: grounded, ungrounded;

Application temperature enviroment: 2300℃;

Tungsten crucible

Advantages of tungsten crucible: low thermal expansion; high density;erosion resistance;high strength and low resistivity;

Tungsten crucible applications:

Since the temperature in working enviroment of tungsten crucible is above 2000℃, it commonly used for sapphire single crystal growth furnace;

Applied for quartz glass melting furnace;

Used for rare earth smelting furnace;

Used for sintering metal mold of high melting point;

Tungsten crucible is also widely used in other following industries:ceramics and metallurgical industries, machinery processing and light dustries.