Cerium Tungsten Electrodes


Cerium Tungsten Electrodes is a very ingredients in mass fraction was 1.8% -2.2% of cerium oxide and impurities ≤ 0.1% of the electrode. The advantage is cerium tungsten X-ray dose and antioxidant properties greater than the improvement of thorium tungsten; electronic work function than thorium tungsten of about 10% lower, so the arc easier, better arc stability. Another chemical stability of cerium tungsten, cathode spots is small, pressure drop, and less burning, so is the most widely TIG welding a tungsten.

The chemical composition of commonly used tungsten and pure tungsten grades W1 W ≥ 99.92 SiO2 ≤ 0.03 Fe2O3Al2 ≤ 0.03 Mo ≤ 0.01 CaO thorium tungsten WTH-7 W margin of the other impurity is not greater than the total mass fraction of 0.15% cerium tungsten WCe -20 W margin CeO1.8-2.2 SiO2 ≤ 0.06 Fe2O3AI2O3 ≤ 0.02 Mo ≤ 0.01 CaO ≤ 0.01 Cerium tungsten low electronic work function, chemical stability, allowing the current density, non-radioactive, is a widely used kinds of electrodes. pure tungsten melting point and high boiling point, difficult to melt evaporation, burning, cutting-edge pollution, but the electron emission and are not conducive to the stability of arc burning.

Thorium tungsten electron emission ability, allowing the current density, more stable arc burning, but with a certain radioactive element thorium, promote the use of affected to some extent. Zirconium tungsten electrodes on the need to prevent pollution of the special conditions of the base metal, you can use this tungsten. This easy to maintain the hemispherical tip of the electrode, suitable for AC welding.

Lanthanated Tungsten is a non-radioavtive material with good welding performance. Its electric conductivity is most closed to that of 2% Thoriated Tungsten. Welders can easily replace Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes with Lanthanated without any changes of welding program. In Europe and Japan, Lathanated Tungsten has been the most popular alternative to 2% Thoriated Tungsten for most applications. This tungsten is used primarily for DC welding but will also show good results for AC welding.

Designation Oxide Additive Impurities Content Tungsten Content Color Sign
Category Content %
WC20 CeO2 1.8-2.2 <0.20 Balance Grey

2、Product Standard

ISO 6848 ANSI/AWS A5.12/A5.12M-98


1)Diameter:  0.5-25mm
2)Length:   150mm, 175mm, 178mm,  any other length at customer request.

4、Recommended Tungsten Electrodes for Various Welding Currents

Diamter of Electrode DC(A) AC(A)
In Mm Straight Polarity(-) Reverse Polarity(+) Unbalanced Waves Balanced Waves
0.04" 1.0 15-80   10-80 20-60
1/16" 1.6 60-150 10-18 50-120 40-100
0.079" 2.0 100-200 12-20 70-160 60-130
3/32" 2.4 150-250 15-25 80-200 80-150
1/8" 3.2 220-350 20-35 150-270 120-200
5/32" 4.0 350-500 35-50 220-350 170-260
3/16" 4.8 420-650 45-65 240-420 220-340
1/4" 6.4 600-900 65-100 360-560 250-450