Tungsten Pin

Tungsten pin surface: bright, smooth;

Advantages of tungsten pin:

Tough corrosion against;

High melting point;

Low coeffcient of thermal expansion;

Tensile strength;

Thanks to it's properties, tungsten pin has peticular applications in varities industries. Tungsten pin wildly used in tungsten pin vise, tungsten microsurgical pin, tungsten electrodes pin and tungsten pin fishing sinker.

Tungsten electrode pin:
Since high strength at high temperature of tungsten, tungsten electrode pin has applications in following aspects:

Tungsten pin used as material for electrode of flash lamp in camera;

Applied for electrode of halogen lamps;

Used for electrode of sodium lamps;

Used in electrode of metal halide lamps;

Tungsten pin vise:
Tungsten pin commonly used for vise, especially for different grades of precision work. Tungsten performs well in terms of hardness on tungsten pin vise. There are three standards of tungsten pin vise: large tungsten pin vise, medium tungsten pin vise and small tungsten pin vise.

Tungsten microsurgical pin:
Tungsten microsurgical pin offers greater precision at lower powder settings and improves surgeons' satety.

Tungsten pin fisher sinker:
Since the higher density of tungsten, tungsten pin fisher sinker are smaller in size than other types.