Tungsten Electrodes

The characteristics of the tungsten electrode, tungsten making it very suitable for welding and other similar tiG electrode materials such work. tungsten electrodes, including pure tungsten electrode、lanthanated tungsten electrodes、thoriated tungsten electrode 、yttrium tungsten electrode 、zirconiated tungsten electrodes.

Type Brand Color Chemical Composition(%) Sizes (mm) Surface Features
Rare Earth Impurities W
Pure Tungsten HW11 Green ≤0.05 the rest 0.8~15 D,E G,S Non-radioactive;suitable for AC welding of aluminum, magnesium, and their alloy
Thoriated Tungsten HWTh10 Yellow 0.9~1.1ThO2 ≤0.05 the rest 0.8~15 D,E G,S Excellent electron emission and overall performances;high current-carrying capacity;radioactivity;suitable for DC welding of carbon steel,stainless steel,nickel alloy and titanium alloy.
HWTh20 Red 1.8~2.2ThO2 ≤0.05 the rest 0.8~15
Lanthanum Tungsten HWLa10 Black 0.8~1.2La2O3 ≤0.05 the rest 0.8~15 D,E G,S Non-radioactive;excellent electric conductivity and welding capacity; high current-carrying capacity;minimum ratio of burnt area;substitute for thoriated tungsten electrode; mainly used in DC welding.
HWLa15 Golden Yellow 1.3~1.7 La2O3 ≤0.05 the rest 0.8~15
HWLa20 Blue 1.8~2.2 La2O3 ≤0.05 the rest 0.8~15
Cerium Tungsten HWCe10 Pink 0.8~1.2CeO2 ≤0.05 the rest 0.8~15 D,E G,S Non-radioactive;easier arc initiation under low current circumstances,and low arc-maintaining current;suitable for the welding of pipelines,small components and discontinuous welding.
HWCe15 Orange 1.3~1.7CeO2 ≤0.05 the rest 0.8~15
HWCe20 Grey 1.8~2.2CeO2 ≤0.05 the rest 0.8~15
Yttrium Tungsten HWY20 Sky Blue 1.8~2.2Y2O3 ≤0.05 the rest 0.8~15 D,E G,S Non-radioactive;long and slim arc beam with high compression;deeper burning groove under medium and high current circumstances.
Compound Rare Earth Tungsten HWMX Cyan 1.0~5.0MOx ≤0.05 the rest 0.8~15 D,E G,S Compound rare-earthtungsten electrode;different additives contributing to better performance of tungsten electrode