Tungsten Alloy Counterweight for Aerospace

From the tiny, precise tungsten weights in self-winding watches to the massive, perfectly-balanced rotors on an aircraft, the unique physical properties of tungsten alloy counterweight bring exceptional quality to a variety of applications.

Tungsten alloy counterweight for aerospace are currently adding value to
Aircraft control surfaces
Aircraft rotor blades
Guidance platforms
Balancing of fly wheels and turbines
Vibration dampening governors
Fuse masses weights for self-winding clocks and watches

Pictures of Tungsten Alloy Counterweight for Aerospace

tungsten alloy counterweightstungsten alloy counterweightstungsten alloy counterweights for aerospace

The inherent density, low-thermal expansion and resistance to chipping and breakage mean that, regardless of your particular application, you can rely on tungsten alloy counterweight to be stable, precise and durable, even under the most extreme conditions.

Previously, depleted uranium (DU) counter weights have been used in wide-body aircraft on rudders, outboard ailerons (wing assembly), and outboard elevators (tail assembly). Tungsten alloy counterweight come in a variety of weights and shapes, and numerous weights and shapes are used in some aircraft. The DU counter weight can range in weight from 0.23 to 77 kg.

Nowadays, tungsten alloy have replaced DU counterweights in aircraft. Starting 1981 Boeing has been providing customers with tungsten replacement counterweights, and tungsten alloy counterweight have been installed in new Boeing 747 aircraft. Tungsten equivalents have been sent as spares since 1981.

Number of aircrafts that still contain DU counterweights is constantly decreasing. Rather than refurbishing the DU (during maintenance operations), tungsten alloy counterweight is used as replacements.

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