Tungsten Alloy Pellets for Hunting

Tungsten alloy pellets made from tungsten alloy are the perfect ammunitions in hunting activity. Whether ridding your garden of unwanted pests or stalking your favorite hardwoods in search of squirrel, experience excellent accuracy and efficiency when hunting with tungsten alloy pellets.

The tungsten alloy pellet is designed specifically to be the most effective and efficient hunting ammunition. To accomplish that goal, the following features were incorporated into the design:

Tungsten Alloy Pellets Advantages

Advantages: Delivers penetration and shock to vital organs. Cuts and shatters bone on contact.
Excellent flight characteristics. High ballistic coefficient allows for higher retained velocity and flat trajectory. Allows hunter to take game efficiently. Accurate and efficient.

Tungsten Alloy Pellet-02Tungsten Alloy Pellet-01

Tungsten alloy is the best material to make tungsten alloy pellet used in hunting because of high density, perfect hardness, high radiation resistance, high temperature resistance. Chinatungsten is a professional manufacturer who has more than 2 decades, our tungsten pellets are very popular both at home and abroad.

Tungsten alloy is a suitable material for tungsten alloy pellets for hunting. So if you got any enquiry or question about tungsten alloy pellet, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@chinatungsten.com, sales@xiamentungsten.com. Tungsten alloy pellets price will be offered based on size, density, quantity, hardness, and any other specific requirements.