Ion Jet Propulsion

What is Jet Propulsion?

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Jet propulsion only literally and figuratively took off with the product of the rocket by the Chinese in the 13th century. Rocket exhaust was initially used in a modest way for fireworks but gradually progressed to propel formidable weaponry; and there the jet propulsion technology stalled for hundreds of years.

Tungsten Alloy Products Used in Jet Propulsion

As we know, as the jet propulsion works, there will be a high temperature in tungsten alloy jet vane or jet propulsion for the gas turbines and related jet apparatus, so people are thinking about a method of operating jet propulsion devices at extreme high temperatures in tungsten alloy jet vane where normal turbine blade and other structural materials have little mechanical strength. After a long period of research, we found that tungsten products are the superior products for this case, they can remain considerable strength at high temperature ,as jet propulsion high melting point, they have a common disadvantage of being highly susceptible to oxidation at high temperatures.

There is an example, one of the limitation in operating jet propulsion engines at extreme temperatures has been the lack of satisfactory structural materials, as its good properties of high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, high density, etc. tungsten alloy products is widely used in jet propulsion.

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A tungsten alloy jet vane control system and method for a missile in which the tungsten alloy jet vane system is compact, rugged, lightweight and detachably connected to the aft end of a missile. The tungsten alloy jet vane system provides for very quick pitch over and roll control during launch. The tungsten alloy jet vane system then detaches from the missile so as not to burden the missile during its flight to target. The tungsten alloy jet vanes of the system are divided into quadrants, each having its own, mounting support and gear train assembly. Each tungsten alloy jet vane is also connected through a, detachable coupling to the steering control system of the missile such that actuation of the steering control system simultaneously actuates the jet vane control system.

Tungsten alloy is a suitable material for jet propulsion. So if you got any enquiry or question about tungsten alloy jet vane or jet propulsion, please do not hesitate to contact us at, Tungsten alloy jet vane or jet propulsion components price will be offered based on size, density, quantity, hardness, and any other specific requirements.