Tungsten Alloy for Mobile

When mobile phones vibrate, the vibration is produced by a small component that is built into the phone,it is called tungsten alloy mobile vibrator. Many older, non-electronic buzzers and doorbells contain a component that vibrates for the purpose of producing a sound. Tattoo machines and some types of electric engraving tools contain a mechanism that vibrates a needle or cutting tool.Tungsten alloy mobile vibrator is widely used in mobiles.

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Application for Tungsten Alloy Mobile Vibrator

People find tungsten heavy alloy is excellent material for making tungsten alloy mobile vibrator. Since the density of tungsten alloy is so high and the maximum density should be 18.6g/cm3. It is popular for the component needs great heaviness but small capacity, for example: mobile phone vibration.

tungsten alloy mobile vibrator is one of our leading products. Compared with other materials, tungsten alloy mobile vibrators bear the advantages of accurate weight, and non-magnetism. In particular, since a motorized weight usually produces the vibrations, lighter-weight phones may have weaker vibrating mechanisms. Tungsten alloy mobile vibrator is important to us because nearly everybody has a mobile nowadays.

Tungsten alloy cube is the best material to make tungsten alloy mobile vibrator for it's perfect hardness, good corrosion resistance, etc. Our tungsten alloy mobile vibrator is high qualified.

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