Tungsten Heavy Metal Syring Shielding

Syring Shielding Advantages

Compared to lead, tungsten heavy metal has a
significantly higher specific weight and because of that;
Syring shielding behaviour is therefore better by approx. 60%
complete integration of the lead window
(therefore almost unbreakable!)
clip lock – no screws required
deliverable for several standard syring shielding types
special version also for PET-nuclides deliverable

In order to comply with the principles of radiation protection, any exposure to radiation has to be kept as low as possible, taking into account the technical and organisational possibilities.

The frequent use of syring shieldings at the application of radiopharmaceuticals significantly reduces the radiation exposure, especially the partial body dose of the hands, without high costs.

β-Syring shieldings

Apart from the γ-syring shieldings we also have plexiglass syring shieldings for ß-emitting nuclides, e.g. for the nuclides of radiosynoviorthesis or radioimmune therapy.

Syring Shielding in Hot cell

For standard radiation protection equipment of a hot cell we can deliver the following equipments:

Laboratory work bench

The work bench consists of a stable steel frame construction to carry heavy objects (up to 850 kg/m²), e.g. lead shielding, Tc-generators ..., etc. In accordance with the standards for working with unsealed radioactive materials, the stainless steel table plate is provided with a raised profile edge (8 mm) on all sides.

Lead shielding

For body protection, a U-formed or completely closed lead castle is built up on the work bench. Protected by the syrings shielding, e.g. radiopharmaceuticals can be prepared and drawn up in this way. The lead shielding consists of lead components according to DIN 25407, e.g. with 50 mm shielding capacity. The lead shielding can be expanded by a lead glass window to be mounted.

system Von Gahlen

Closed lead shielding with mounted lead glass window (system Von Gahlen, NL)

system Wälischmiller

U-formed lead shielding with mounted lead glass window (system Wälischmiller, D)


The safe guarantees an access-protected, shielded storage of radiopharmaceuticals and check/test sources. Safes are available in several dimensions and with several syring shielding capacities. Syring shielding can be delivered as a cupboard or as a sliding safe.

Shielded container for radioactive waste

Radioactive waste has to be collected separately. For protection of the personnel, the waste collection container has to be shielded.

Syring shielding carrying case

For transport of prepared syringes with radiopharmaceuticals, as desired in several sizes and with several shielding capacities (3, 6 mm Pb)

Syringe carrying case

Syring shielding carrying case

Warning plates

To mark the control area as a stamped aluminium plate or of plastic (150 x 200 mm). Caption: ”Control Area Radioactive“ with radiation warning symbol.

Tungsten alloy is a suitable material for syring shielding . So if you have any interest in syring shielding, please feel free to email us: sales@chinatungsten.com, sales@xiamentungsten.com or call us by: 0086 592 512 9696, 0086 592 512 9595.