Tungsten Alloy Flywheel Weights

Recently the popularity of adding tungsten alloy flywheel weights have increased dramatically. More and more riders discover that they can go faster for longer with the smooth power delivery, better traction, and reduced stalling that tungsten alloy flywheel weights provide. Adding tungsten alloy flywheel weights will increase the rotating mass, or inertia, of the motor. The result is an engine that is a little slower to rev, has more controllable power delivery and less hard hitting power, a more usable low to mid-range, and is less likely to stall at slow speeds or with the rear brake.  What you will feel is better traction when it is slippery or hard pack, a torquier and broader power band, the top end power on many bikes will be improved with less tendency to lose RPM's when climbing or hitting obstacles.

The easier to control power will help you conserve your strength and energy, plus many bikes start easier with the added weight. Most can be installed in less than a half hour without removing the stock flywheel from the engine. Our weights are also easily removed so you can change the power delivery back to stock for different riding conditions. Tungsten alloy flywheel weights are machined on computer operated lathes for the ultimate in balance, trueness and strength. Our weights are designed to fit each specific model of motorcycle for a close fit and best possible performance. China Tungsten offers tungsten alloy flywheel weights strictly in accordance with your specifications. You can choose the amount of weight to suit your riding style and conditions. Generally for a fast, aggressive rider or for faster terrain a light to medium tungsten alloy flywheel weights would be the best choice. For a slower more casual rider or for riding slower technical terrain a heavier weight is ideal.

Tungsten Alloy Flywheel Weights Tungsten Alloy Flywheel Weights Tungsten Alloy Flywheel Weights

Tungsten Alloy Flywheel Weights

China Tungsten specializes in advanced tungsten alloy flywheel weights that meet the highest standards. Please choose from the wide range of already available products or contact us with your specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: sales@chinatungsten.com, sales@xiamentungsten.com or call directly: 0086 592 512 9696, 0086 592 512 9595. We are at your service. Price will be offered based on size, density, quantity, hardness, and any other specific requirements.

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